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Frequently Asked Questions




Frequently Asked Questions

Can I translate one of your web articles?

In general I'm happy for people to do translations. However in recent months I've learned that many translations that are done are of poor quality. So if you do a translation I will try to check that it's of decent quality by finding a colleague to take a look it. As long as they tell me it's ok, I'm happy for it to be posted. I do need you to put a link to the original article and the date of the translation in the translation. (The date helps people spot if I've changed the article since the translation.) Once you've done that please let me know and I will link to it in my paper, (but that may take a while if I'm busy traveling). The only exception to this is material that I'm working into a book. I have to be careful with these since they will be published commercially.

I'm afraid I don't host translations on as I'm not comfortable serving up text that I can't comprehend.

I haven't checked the older translations to see if they are of decent quality, if you see one that is of poor quality, please email me and I'll at least remove the link.

翻訳したものを公開するときは、その文章が正しいかどうかチェックしたいから、必ず fowler氏のチェックを通してねとのこと。

結論 の文章を翻訳するときは、必ずfowlerさんにemailで送ってチェックして貰うこと。チェックしてもらってない文章は、ブログに掲載しないこと。